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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Marc-Allen Associates for our recruitment needs?
We specialize in retail recruiting for:
-Product Development
-Corporate and Store Operations
-Logistics/Supply Chain
-Human Resources
-Information Technology
-Field Store/District/Regional Managers
-Real Estate
-Store Planning/Design/Construction

What is your search process?
Our extensive retail knowledge brings a unique "user perspective" and helps in the search process in the following ways:

  • An extensive database of retail management contacts delivers fast results
  • Each executive search is commenced within 48 hours with a high sense of urgency
  • Attention to detail ensures that candidate quality is always #1
  • We hit the target through individual assignment strategies
  • We guarantee our placements and are comfortable in our ability to exceed client expectations

How do you source quality retail candidates?
We access our proprietary database which contains over 50,000 candidate records that have been gathered and organized over our 19-plus years in business.

We "tap-into" our strong network of retail management contacts-candidates and clients that we have established over the years. We communicate with this network constantly in our quest to always find the most qualified candidates.

We identify specific “target companies” at the beginning of each search based on our client needs. We will then contact appropriate candidates from those target companies for our client assignment.

We post all job assignments on our Web site for the many, many retail professionals who are reviewing our site for retail career opportunities.

What are the main differences between Marc-Allen Associates and other retail recruiting firms?
To us, probably the biggest difference between Marc-Allen Associates and other retail recruiting firms is that we provide quality candidates from our internal database, network contacts and “cold calls” into target companies. We do not use the Internet or job boards to source candidates because that is where we know you, our client, has already gone. We have found that our recruiting competition is not able to productively source quality candidates like we can due to their dependence on the Internet job boards vs. our hands-on approach to sourcing candidates and networking.

Another difference is that we have over 19 years of specific experience and specialization within our chosen niche-retail. Our owner and associates have worked extensively in retail companies, and this experience brings a unique, user perspective to the retail search.

Lastly, we stand behind all of our placements. Our 90-day satisfaction guarantee is unique among search firms. And although our guarantee rarely comes into play (since we have had less than a 1% candidate “fall-out” rate in over 14 years), our guarantee is there if needed by our clients to provide peace of mind and to protect their investment.

Do you provide client references?
Yes! Client references are always available to prospective new clients upon request.




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Retail Employer Frequently Asked Questions
We guarantee your satisfaction by providing a 90-day candidate replacement guarantee if our candidate placement does not meet or exceed your expectations.
Our 90-Day Replacement Guarantee
“Mike is the "go to" recruiter I now use for a lot of our retail openings. He is an extremely responsive business partner and provides a well qualified slate of candidates for each opportunity. Mike goes the extra step with the candidates he presents, in that his communication to them and to us is superior. I view Mike and Marc-Allen Associates as a long-term business partnership which is what I look for in my recruiter relations. I would without any hesitation recommend him to other Companies (as long as they don't have the same openings we do and at the same time)!”

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