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Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Marc-Allen Associates for my confidential retail job search?
Many candidates for retail management positions work exclusively with us because of our focus on the retail industry and our track record of success. We are experts in the retail field, and our long-time client contacts and client partnerships offer many candidates career choices that are never advertised. If you are a strong retail candidate, within any retail area or discipline, it makes sense for you to contact us in order to be treated professionally and respectfully. And, confidentiality in your job search will never be compromised.

How much does your service cost?
Absolutely nothing! All fees that we earn are paid by our clients.

How will I know if I am a match for one of your clients?
Once we contact you, we will conduct an interview and ask for your current resume to match against our client needs. If there appears to be an immediate opening for which your background is a match, we will then conduct a more in-depth screening and reference check process to ensure a fit for our client. If at any point we do not feel that we have an immediate opening, we will tell you. After that, your information will be properly organized and categorized in our proprietary database for retrieval when future client jobs require candidates with your background. When a potential match does arise, we will contact you and discuss the opportunity with you.

How will you communicate with me throughout the interview process?
At the very beginning, the recruiter working with you at Marc-Allen will establish a strong communication “link” with you detailing all necessary phone numbers, e-mail and home addresses, work contact information, etc. to make communication modes known to both parties. Then, you will be asked “which mode" of communication you want us to use. This way, if you do not want to be contacted at your current job, we will make arrangements to speak with you after hours, before hours or over lunch breaks...because that is what you want and need.

My biggest problem with recruiters is that they never seem to get back to me. Why are you different?
We pride ourselves on being honest and forthright with all candidates and we are not afraid to give “bad news.” For example, if you are not the candidate selected to continue with the interviewing process, we will not hesitate to let you know and will pass along any constructive feedback that the client may share with us. The fact is, there will be other opportunities for our quality candidates that may present themselves in the future. We want to make sure that we have demonstrated our honesty and concern to you so that we can contact you again when other career opportunities arise.

What type of background do I need to be considered a viable candidate for your clients?
The vast majority of our candidates and clients are retail companies. However, there are a few retail corporate divisions such as Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Human Resources and IT where our retail clients are open to non-retail candidates. Please contact us so we can review your background and find any potential matches.



Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions
Retail Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions
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"Mike knows how to build strong relationships with people, which enables him to source great talent with a passion for success. As a candidate I experienced directly his knowledge of his client's needs, a respect for a candidate's experience and qualifications that differentiates him from his peers. Candidate care is high on his priorities, coupled with excellent results tracking. I have no hesitation to recommend Mike or his team to businesses or candidates looking for a quality recruiting organization.”

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