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We treat each candidate with respect and commit to timely, honest feedback. If you are a potential match for one of our client openings, we will work tirelessly as your advocate through all parts of the recruitment process. We will keep you informed and be a resource for your questions and feedback.

We want to build long-term relationships and partnerships with all of our candidates. A majority of our candidate placements are a result of network referrals and recommendations from past candidates and references. Our objective is to create a “win-win” situation. Your background, experience and career goals will be cataloged within our database along with our interview notes to allow for immediate recall as we take on new client assignments that might be a great fit for you.

With Marc-Allen Associates, communication and confidentiality is never compromised or lacking. We are professionals and understand that your personal job search must always be handled tactfully and carefully. We have made over 1,200 candidate placements since 1996. Our track record proves that if you allow us to represent you to our client companies, chances are very good that you will ultimately find a position that will meet and exceed your career goals.

I have worked with Mike Powell, President of Marc-Allen Associates, for over 12 years. His professionalism and results in the recruitment arena are exceptional. I would highly recommend Marc-Allen Associates and Mike Powell to anyone who is looking for an expert!

HR Director, Leading Athletic
Footwear Retailer

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